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    Some of the best business schools understand this change and offer specialization in operations or any other related field such as logistics.  A Master of Business Administration in operations management is generally for 2-year.

    The primary function of operations is to deliver reliable, predictable services and products. This means you are trying to minimize the variations in what you are producing so that the customers know they can rely on the consistency of your product. Here is where Lean Six Sigma comes to play. MBA Operations Management is a two-year management course focusing on planning, organizing, and supervising the launching of products or services.

    MBA Operations Management is becoming more important with the growth of E-commerce. High production abilities and the need for spreading all products across the planet provide great scope for MBA Operations Management.

    Why Study MBA Operations Management?

    There are various reasons for studying operations management, which will help you to build a good career. Check them in the points below.

    Productivity is one of the best things, for which one should pursue a career in operations management. Operations management ensures proper staffing of the employees to the resources so that they can get the maximum result. Operations management is one of the best ways to ensure productivity.

    One of the best benefits to pursue operations management as a career is having good compensation. The average salary of an operations manager in India is INR 7,63,559, according to the PayScale. It is much higher compared to the average annual salary of MBA Marketing and MBA HR, which are INR 67,95,45, and INR 69,41,74, respectively.

    One of the best advantages of pursuing a career in operations and management is gaining flexibility between jobs and sectors. This means, a degree in MBA in operations and management, will make you learn everything and the entire process of sourcing your raw materials and the process of manufacturing and providing that end product to the various customers.

    Apart from providing multiple opportunities, operations management is also a secured job and with no dearth of opportunities. Every organization needs a particular individual who will be able to streamline their activities eventually resulting in maximum profit.

    Having a respected job in renowned companies is the desire of many individuals. An MBA in operations management enables you to work in some of the renowned companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Apple, and various other multinational companies.

    Scope of MBA in Operations Management

    A MBA in operations management personnel is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations by ensuring they’re efficient and effective. They are the backbone of the company’s day-to-day operations and help in delivering quality products/services at the right cost and on schedule.

    If we must describe it in one sentence, then operation management is all about executing the corporate strategy on the ground.

    A graduate with a MBA in operations management is primarily concerned with planning, organizing, and supervising in the context of production, manufacturing, or providing services. It is a delivery focused discipline that requires analytical as well as organizational skills.

    In the present scenario, operations excellence is the key to survival. Besides, LinkedIn has nearly 40,000 job listings with the words “operational manager,” which indicated the need for them. Companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Amazon, etc. are already operating with well-defined operational excellence to win the market share.

    Operations management has grown in scope and increased in importance. Besides, efficient organization operations are a vital tool in achieving competitive advantage.

    Who Should Study MBA Operations Management?

    MBA Operations Management courses offer jobs to the candidate in various verticals of the industry as well as various job roles. Students who want to become purchasing managers, inventory coordinators, operations consultants, warehouse operations managers can pursue MBA in Operations Management.

    Students interested in managing production, analyzing the market requirement, and meeting customer expectations should pursue MBA operations management.

    Those who have an interest in product development and customer relations can choose operations management over other fields in MBA.

    Professionals who are already associated with production and customer services can pursue an executive MBA in operations management for a career boost and salary hike.

    Those who want to specialize in planning, managing operations, market strategy, managing customer relationships and learn these skills can pursue MBA after graduation in operations management.

    Job Profile

    It’s a common misconception that MBA in Operations management leads to working in the only manufacturing industry, which is not valid.

    An MBA in operations is suitable for roles in diverse sectors such as wholesale trade, e-commerce companies, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Common job titles offered to MBA graduates in operations include:

    Purchasing manager

    Inventory coordinator

    Warehouse operations manager

    Logistics/supply chain manager

    Operations consultant

    Sales or marketing operational manager

    And many more

    Skills required to pursue a career in Operations

    Some of the most common skills required in operations are Data processing skills, conflict management skills, people management skills, project management skills, and many more. Besides, with the increasing importance of innovation in business, skills in production-oriented operations management are highly marketable.

    According to Inc.com, an organization needs to design a system that is capable of producing quality services and goods within a time frame.

    Thus, if you are planning to pursue your career in operations management, you should be able to:

    Design the system

    Implement it

    Plan and Forecast demand

    Manage the system

    Top Recruiting Organizations after MBA in Operations

    Heres some more information that will make you feel confident about the MBA in operations. It will help a lot when you know the kind of companies that are hiring MBA in operations graduates. It will give you an idea regarding the demand for professionals in the operations field.










    TVS Motors

    Top Recruiting Areas

    The following are the industries that require MBA in operations graduates. There are many professions in these areas that you can pursue and make a high-paying career. With a MBA in operations, you get the luxury of choice.


    Supply Chain











    Manufacturing etc.

    MBA in operations is one of the best courses you can do if you want to have a great career. There are so many things you can and have opportunities to grow. With a MBA in operations, you are giving yourself a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an ever-growing industry, and get a job that you will cherish and succeed in.

    Operations are such an integral part of any organization and a MBA in operations is the right way to go about it. However, doing the course from the right institute also matters a lot. Along with great education, you also need to have great teachers, modern infrastructure and excellent placements. You will find all of this at ASM’s IBMR. What’s more, is that we offer MBA in operations as a part of a dual specialization program. So, get in touch with our counsellors today to know more about the MBA in operations dual specializations program.


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