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  • PBS Global Immersion Program | International Relations

    Global Immersion Program

    The program enables students to study abroad at one of their university's partner institutions with the Industrial exposure. The prospect of studying abroad is both exciting and sure to experience a brand-new culture, meet new people, and grow as a person.

    Under Global immersion program the students of PGDM are taken for International tour in UAE or Australia for one week to two weeks during their course. The tour includes Industrial visits, workshops, Corporate Interaction, sightseeing, exposure for cultural diversity and University studies.

    The Global Immersion program enriches life-both academically and personally.

    • Students experience a completely new way of life, studying abroad will allow you to experience different cultures and perspectives, including new traditions and customs and meeting new people. Students start to think differently

    • Studying abroad and an International outlook will expand your employment opportunities,

    Not only is studying abroad a great way to expand your perspective, but it can also boost your employability. In an increasingly globalized world, more and more employers are looking for students with international experience.

    • Experience different styles of education

    Use this as an opportunity to experience different methods of teaching. It's a great way to immerse yourself in a new academic setting that enhances your academic performance.
    • Opportunity to learn a new language and Make new friends from around the world from many different backgrounds.
    • International industrial and corporate exposure help you understand the standards, procedures, policies and global working environment.
    • Students also view different sights to explore their monuments, traditions, culture of new country and get relaxed.
    • GIP gives an opportunity to connect with many people. Networking might help them in getting some business or project opportunity.

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