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    Poddar Infrastructure

    Temple of Knowledge



    Poddar Business School (PBS) strongly believes that a classroom is a place where the mind is moulded and basked with the rays of knowledge – a place where the mind is open and curious to learn and are directed with endless boundaries of growth and learning.

    Here, the educator is the leader, the mentor, the guardian of the impressionable yet fully potential mind. The mind of student, which is safe guarded and protected till it blossoms, and is ready to take the world into its stride, with its varied academic and creative skills and treasured values to lead a happy and prosperous life.

    Classrooms integrated with digital displays, tabs, whiteboards, assistive listening devices, and other audio-visual components to make lectures easier, engaging, and more interactive.


    Life cycles of products and services, technology and business models, are reducing rapidly, and the need for innovation is growing. Innovation, however, has conventionally been considered an obscure, fuzzy subject. Hence, here Design Thinking comes to the rescue keeping a methodical approach.

    At Poddar Business School, we help to unlock the potential for our students who will eventually help the clients/employers to create impactful solutions across sectors like IT, Financial Services, Social Impact, and Manufacturing by blending human centricity of design with the power of technology and business strategy.


    A well-resourced and spacious library and resource centre has been designed to provide support to all management and information technology departments. The library offers a large and diversified collection of national, and International books, journals on Management, IT, Commerce, in addition to the latest magazines, subscriptions, handbooks, standard manuals, technical reports, etc. The digital library on the campus provides access to archives, a collection of E-books, E-journals, CD-ROMs, text images, and other online compendiums for scholars and learners. Besides, audio-visual facilities are offered to the faculty members and students in the library premises.

    We are a member of the National Digital Library (NDL) of India and also proud member of Developing Library Network (DELNET).


    We have compiled the best of our digital resources to support learning and exploration. These help our students and teachers to feed the curiosity of growing minds and inspire to think broadly. These resources are periodically reviewed by eminent professionals from industry, which enables students to explore their passions and interests further, and to explore more about the corporate world.

    SPORTS ACADEMY (Indoor & Outdoor)

    Sports activity helps in overall physical development and brain development and increases the power of reasoning of students. Being actively involved in sports can help students relax from their daily routine of learning syllabus and reduces exam stress.

    One needs to keep a balance between work and play to keep the body and soul in sync. Sports also inculcate various qualities like - Tolerance, Patience, Pressure Handling, Team Spirit, Proficiency in sharing Victory and Defeat Obedience, etc.

    We at Poddar Business School give special attention to Sports and have established an international standard for a variety of Outdoor and Indoor Games like Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, Billiards table etc.





    Table Tennis


    Hostel – Home Away from Home

    Poddar Business School offers hostel facilities for boys and female students with all modern facilities and attached mess. The hostel mess serves fresh and hygienic food. Students are provided with facilities like internet, seprate attached toilet, room for indoor games and a reading room with a collection of national/international newspapers, magazines, etc. Near Hostel, there is a fully equipped gym and separate courts for Volleyball, Basket Ball, cricket and Badminton. The concerned and highly-experienced staff looks after the university assets and ensures that the hostel remains responsive all the time.


    Poddar Campus has Indore mess and open cafeteria that serves a variety of snacks and meals to the students, staff and faculty at moderate rates. It provides all type of nutritious and hygienic eatables and beverages.


    Well-equipped gymnasium equipped with ultra-modern facilities and fitness equipment is established within the campus for students as well as faculty.

    The main objective of the gymnasium is to help students develop more strength and stamina in terms of their health and other activities.

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