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    Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Information technology is a broad term that involves the use of technology to communicate, transfer data and process information. In a world where technology has become so much important, it would require skilled people to not only develop it but to plan, sell and manage the businesses of technology. Here comes the role of graduates specializing in Information Technology. It is comparatively a newer specialization in MBA.

    An MBA in Information Technology helps students to manage both IT systems and employees. The different trends within information technology include, but aren't limited to: Analytics. Automation. Artificial intelligence. The knowledge acquired by candidates during this course opens up huge opportunities for students to work in the Information Technology domain of different firms (in a different field). Students will be able to get jobs in IT industries, Banking and Finance sectors, and all other sectors concerning IT Management.

    MBA is one of the most sought-after courses that offer specialization in various fields. MBA in Information technology has also emerged as a popular choice among students in India and abroad. Information technology is a unique blend of business management with IT subjects.

    Top 3 Reasons to Pursue an MBA in Information Technology

    1. Numerous Job Opportunities

    The MBA in IT is currently one of the most in-demand management programmes. Candidates have several employment opportunities in various IT companies, as well as openings in the finance, taxation, and corporate sectors, among others. Employment prospects are not limited to the IT industry, and individuals may select which field they wish to work in. With the complete digitalization of workplaces worldwide, the value of this course is expected to grow even more in the future.

    2. Handsome salaries and high perks

    After completing this course, you will have a wide range of job opportunities not just in India but all around the world. It has been observed that in recent years, world-renowned corporations have come to India for placements. Popular job titles include IT Manager, IT Director, Project Manager, Information Technology Head, Computer & Information System Manager, and Chief Technology Officer.

    3. A Great Source of Technical Knowledge

    The programme is intended for future managers with a technical background who need to build business and leadership abilities in order to advance up the professional ladder. This course necessitates proficiency in sophisticated programming languages, as well as the ability to create complex software applications and other high-end applications. As a result, it goes without saying that the MBA in IT has a broad scope and gives excellent technical expertise.


    A few reasons for opting for information technology are-

    1. One of the most popular MBA programs right now in India is MBA in the IT field.
    2. The candidates who have passed this course not only have a job opportunity in IT firms but can also apply and get work in numerous workplaces like finance, tax, corporate, and other sectors.
    3. In This course, students or graduates are not limited to the IT industry. Candidates can choose the field in which they want to work after passing this course.
    4. Candidates with or without an IT background can apply for this course or study it.
    5. The value of this course is anticipated to grow more in the future as workplaces worldwide completely digitize.
    6. It exists to sate one's enthusiasm and success-hunger. MBA has the potential to help you become a successful entrepreneur.
    7. You can explore a variety of business-related opportunities and sharpen your technical and business abilities.


    Information Technology Job Roles and Career Opportunities

    IT Managers have huge opportunities to work in IT domain of any big company or directly in technology firms. Indian IT giants like TCS, Infosys, WIPRO, Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies etc. hire IT from top Indian B Schools for business development roles and offer an attractive entry level salary.

    IT graduates are given a variety of job roles. Some of them are mentioned as below:

    • Project Manager
    • Business Development Manager/Executive
    • Marketing Manager
    • Corporate Strategy Manager
    • Analytics Manager
    • System Manager
    • Data Processing Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • IT Manager
    • IT Consultant
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Chief Information Officer
    •  Project Manager
    • Program Manager
    • IT Director


    Information Technology: Salary

    India is one of the best places for IT Graduates, as it is a hub of many IT MNCs and job opportunities in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, Gurugram etc are huge. The average salary offered to a fresher is Rs 3-5 lacs per annum while it is Rs 10-15 lacs per annum offered for candidates who have experience of 5 years or more.

    The average salary of a manager in an IT company can go up to Rs 12 LPA. Entry level IT Manager salary is about Rs 5 lacs, which is actually more than the starting salary offered to any other MBA specializations’ graduate.

    The salary hike in this industry is 6% per year or above and opportunities in the industry is expected to grow at same rate as Industry will continue growing at the rate of about 15% per annum.


    Top recruiters for MBA in IT students

    An MBA-IT graduate can find jobs in the following fields within IT management:

    • IT Governance
    • IT Financial Management
    • IT Service Management
    • IT Configuration Management

    MBA-IT professionals can also find career options in Defense, Space agencies, and also in the Automobile sector.



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