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  • PGDM students visited Bosch Limited Sitapura Jaipur

    BOSCH – INDUSTRIAL VISIT by Romans Merchant, PGDM

    On 18 Nov 2022, we the students of PGDM from ‘Poddar Business School’ went to BOSCH on an industrial visit. BOSCH is one of the prominent industries in Jaipur. The security was very tight, we were not allowed to carry (mobiles, cigarettes, tobacco, laptops) any of these items. Then we met their HR manager Ms. Dipti. She was our coordinator over there. Then we attended a session where we were shown a ppt presentation and were explained about the BOSCH industry. Then we went on a tour of the industry. First, we went to the training section, where they train intern operators. In that internship, they train students as well as non-working employees. They train them for 1 year, and the training is a paid internship. 

    BOSCH provides trainees a working certificate as proof of training as they don’t give jobs to any of the trainees after the completion of 1 year. They even provide online training to the trainee. they also provide to the employees of the production team every couple of months to provide them new methods to increase production with reduction of cost, control over the quality, control over wastage, etc.

    Then we went to the production department to see the manufacturing. The rules and regulations in the production department were very strict and related to the safety of the employees as well as the visitors. All the employees are strictly directed to wear safety shoes at all times. Sometimes they even have to wear helmets for their safety. We were guided to walk on the greenway. There was a green path marked to walk, we were told to walk only inside that mark due to safety. We were strictly told not to go near any machine or to touch them due to safety. There we met Mr. Kumar who was a member of the production team and was working there for the last 12 years. He shows us around the production department and told us various things about the management of the company. We saw the manufactured good which was displayed over there. They are manufacturing different kinds of pumps that are used to install in automobiles. They produce pumps for tractors, jeeps, ford cars, etc. Then we saw the inventories. 

    Then they showed us around the machines and told us about the manufacturing process of the product. We saw some process of the manufacturing was under process. Then we saw the final product. BOSCH has 2 companies in the world  that produce automobile pumps i.e., one in Jaipur and the other in Japan. They even export the product to various countries. Among the Indian states the transport the product through road in trucks. 

    After this, they asked us about the feedback related to our visit. We asked them several questions related to their work. They gave us satisfactory answers. It was a great visit and we learned a lot from them. We learned various management and technical things. It was more technical than managerial as it’s a manufacturing industry

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