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  • Fitness Mantra a meditation session was held at Poddar Business School Poddar Business School Jaipur

    Fitness Mantra a meditation session was held at Poddar Business School

    Yoga education prepares the students physically and mentally for the integration of their physical, mental and spiritual faculties, so that the students can become healthier, saner, and more integrated members of the society and the nation.  Yoga education helps in self-discipline and self-control, leading to an immense amount of awareness, concentration, and a higher level of consciousness. Moreover, a healthy body is equivalent to a healthy mind. Working on this fitness Manta a meditation session was held at Poddar Business School (PBS) in the meditation room on December 02, 2022. 

    The session was presented by Yoga Guru Mr. Mahesh Sharma. The participants learned about the significance of enchanting ‘OM’ in Yoga – which aligns three parts of human body i. e. naval, chest and mind. The Yoga Guru also encompassed stress relieving exercises like Bhastrika in which one has to extend hands/wrist taking a break from working hours. Mr. Sharma also stated about ‘shifting of energy’ by affirming and channelizing of thoughts. The Yoga expert also showed various effective Asanas like Kapalbharti. The highlight of the session was that the Asanas were done in the form of dance. The session concluded with techniques of meditation where the learners were asked to observe their thoughts and listen to every audible sound. The students were benefited about the deep insights of Yoga, which is important for helps for one’s focus, inner peace and immunity. Overall, the session was very fruitful.


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