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  • How to Crack CAT 2022

    How to Crack CAT 2022

    How to Crack CAT 2022

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    As  CAT Exam date is commencing the aspirants need consider a lot of parameters before appearing for the examination, and one might be not sure as to where and how to begin. As time is short, it is important to follow the below given important guidelines and excel in the forthcoming test.


    Tips for Cracking CAT

    CAT Preparation Tips 2022- 06 Awesome CAT Exam Preparation Tips



    • Time Management

    Time management is an important factor to be considered right from the start of CAT preparation. As there is a sectional time limit of 40 minutes. During preparation, one should keep a track of the time taken to solve each question. In due course of time, one must focus on improving his/her speed and accuracy of solving questions.


    • Shortcut Skills

    Using shortcut methods to solve questions saves a great deal of time. So one should keep in mind the shortcut tricks that the mentors have taught, and ensure to make a note of them and review them regularly.


    • Previous Year Questions

    Practicing previous year question papers and mock tests definitely helps one to identify his strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly.


    • Choice of Questions

    One of the most important factors in cracking CAT is the choice of questions. One has to ensure to analyze a question carefully before attempting it, and proceed further only if there is adequate confidence to solve it.


    • Enhancing Vocabulary

    To enrich one’s vocabulary and reading skills, the aspirants should read a lot of books, editorials, newspapers, and journals.




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