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    How to choose the best college for admission after XII

    Choosing the best college after Class 12 has a long-term impact on a student's life. Here is a quick guide that can help students choose the best college for admission after Class 12.

    It is the dream of every aspirant to study at the best/top-ranked college after 12th. Given the sheer volume of courses and colleges available, students often find it a daunting task to find the best/top colleges for admission after 12th. Furthermore, it becomes stressful when students believe that there is a limited number of the best colleges or the colleges have a limited number of seats so that they will not be able to succeed in their career.


    Choosing the best college after Class 12 has a long-term impact on a student's life. Furthermore, students must understand that randomly choosing a college can affect their financial stability and freedom in their employment years. Thus, it becomes necessary to find a college with an impressive record of providing employment opportunities that also fulfills their interest and skills.


    How to select the right college and course after Class 12?

    We all know deciding on a career path is not easy and gives a tough time for students choosing the best/top colleges for admission after Class 12. The biggest reasons behind this are the fear of failure, pressure from peers and parents. On the other hand, some students already know which career path, college or course they want to pursue from an early stage of beginning their career. However, some students do not have a clue what to do next.


    Here are a few tips that can help those students choose the best college for admission after Class 12:


    1. Know your interest

    Knowing the interest plays a crucial role in succeeding in professional life. It reflects stability in educational activities and the work environment. For instance - if a student has conventional interests like becoming an engineer, doctor or teacher, they must pursue the course as per their stream and skills. But if a student is creative, he/she needs to figure out the specific interest and follow a career path that fulfills their creative pursuits. The idea is to align the career with the student's interests so that there is more motivation to devote efforts to attaining knowledge, experience and achieving career goals.


    2. Deeply analyses the course

    There are innumerable career options available in today's time. It includes regular UG degree courses, diplomas, weekday or weekend courses or even distance education. Apart from this, there are new career options influenced by technology, such as data analyst, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning or Block chain expert, Website developer, digital marketing expert, etc. The imperative at this stage is to know your interest and analyze the course syllabus to make a prompt decision.


    3. Know the future prospects

    Evaluating a course based on future prospects is one important tip that can help students in choosing the right college or course after 12th. Furthermore, in the digitally driven world, students must understand that 65 percent of today's jobs will not exist after 10 years. Thus, deciding on a career based on past references does not prove to be a sound strategy.

    Hence, knowing the interest to be the primary motivator followed by the course viability, market demand and financial security should be given due importance.


    Get All Details About the Prospective Colleges

    You should be well aware of all the college details that you are going to enter, such as the following.



    As every government and corporate job requires students to hold a degree approved by the UGC from an accredited university, it's crucial to verify that the college that you’re opting for is affiliated with a university and is authorized to grant degrees.



    A building isn't the only thing that constitutes infrastructure. A good infrastructure is evaluated according to its intake capacity, which also includes classrooms, playgrounds, administrative buildings, laboratories, auditoriums, libraries, hostels, etc.



    Geographic location

    College location will also play a big role in determining what kind of exposure you get. Consider the kind of work opportunities and other factors like security, climate, transportation facilities that the city offers.

    For example, if you would want to pursue hotel management, it would be best to apply to hotel management colleges in Goa, Mumbai or Delhi. If you are interested in engineering, cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru can be good options for you. Take note of such tips to choose the right colleges after 12th.


    Campus Placements

    The primary aim of studying in a college is to get a good job in a reputable company. By having a good industry tie-up and networking, the college can provide its students with good placements and internships. So, check the past placement records of a college before deciding to seek admission as this will help you know how to choose colleges after 12th.



    The faculty of a college plays a prominent role in any student’s life. They not only provide knowledge and skills but also help in nurturing and shaping the personality of students. It will be beneficial to learn about the college faculty before deciding on which are the best colleges after 12th. You can check out the college’s official website or connect with alumni or current students who are already studying at the college to gather more information.


    See If the College Fits Your Budget

    Finances are an important aspect to consider when learning how to choose the right colleges after class 12. While many students aspire to enroll in the best colleges in India or abroad, you need to be clear about the money required for the tuition fee of a particular course, accommodation expenses, etc. Since graduation is a 3-4-year commitment, it is advisable to choose colleges that would fit your budget. Find out if there are scholarships or loans available and how they can be obtained or repaid as these will help you fund your education without compromising on getting enrolment in the best colleges after 12th.


    Summing up

    Building a successful career is the result of ensuring a perfect balance between marks scored, students' interests and finances. It is also essential to consider market trends and demands that are subject to changes, but one can always pick a course that can help students start their career and they can always go for upskilling after attaining industry experience.

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