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  • Entrepreneurship as a Career Option Taking a Leap

    Entrepreneurship as a Career Option Taking a Leap


    Most of the young people are now starting their own enterprise due to lack of opportunities in the formal sectors. Currently, this can be seen as the fastest growing field. There is abundance of scope and variety of planning and managing the work on one’s own business.

    Aptitude and Mind-set

    Management students can have good fortunes in future provided they have the vision, passion, creativity and confidence to opt this as a career option. Commitment to the venture, risk taking, readiness to face the volatility of the venture, doing multi-tasking roles at a time, decisiveness, etc. fulfils aptitude for an entrepreneurial career. At Poddar Business School, entrepreneurship is not also just a skill, but a mindset. Here the PGDM program is designed to provide students with the essential tools and knowledge not only to start a business, but also to succeed as an entrepreneur.  

    Learning Pedagogy

    Our PGDM program with Entrepreneurship goes beyond traditional classroom learning. With a compulsory start-up project, PGDM students will the special advantage to apply their skills in a realistic scenario, creating a business under guidance from experienced mentors. Such hands-on experience will enable the students to learn from their strengths and weaknesses, and thereby get ready to encounter the challenges of entrepreneurship.

    Acquaintances with Latest Technology

    As a student in our Entrepreneurship and Start-up Technologies specialization, the students can acquire latest technologies and trends in the start-up world. From block chain to artificial intelligence, the PGDM students of Poddar Business School are trained how to leverage these cutting-edge tools to grow their own business. Poddar Business School recently organized a workshop on “Creating an Ecosystem for Start-ups” for students, faculty members and others, which shows that we encourage entrepreneurship-oriented programs.

    Soft Skills

    In addition to sharpening technical skills, soft skills training sessions are also part of PGDM program of Poddar Business School. These skills like leadership, idea generation, team building, inter-personal and communication skills, critical and analytical thinking, negotiation skills, situational and abstract reasoning, problem solving and decision making, persuasion and influencing, conflict resolution and mediation and many more are given to the students opting entrepreneurship as a specialization.

    Skilled Mentoring

    Poddar Business School provide exquisite mentors for start-up ideation, prototype development, capacity building and seed funding for the students’ projects meeting the entrepreneurship parameters in the best possible manner. The experienced entrepreneurs at Poddar B-school provide valuable insights, knowledge and experience to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

    So students if Poddar Business School is your choice then we can assure you a successful career in entrepreneurship.

    By choosing our innovative, updated and ambitious PGDM program, students are you ready to turn your passion into a thriving business?


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