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  • Top Five Career Options after Graduation

    Top Five Career Options after Graduation

    What to do after Graduation in India - Competitive Exams After Graduation  for Jobs

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    Top Five Career Options after Graduation

    After graduation if one is planning to enroll for a professional course, one might be wondering what the most promising career option for him/her. This is a very important aspect that will be required to consider while choosing the right career path. To shortlist the best career option in accordance with one’s passions and skills and monetary profits, one has to be very prudent while selecting a career. The career options highly in demand in the current scenario are described below:


    Digital Marketing

    Businesses are undergoing a digital transformation that has accelerated the use and significance of Digital Marketing. Many established companies are actively formulating Digital Marketing strategies to promote their products or services and increase their online presence. Students from different streams can develop a successful career in Digital Marketing by taking advanced courses in the field. These advanced courses in Digital Marketing equip aspirants with skills like communication, adaptability, collaboration, social media, etc. One of the reasons a Digital Marketing career is so exciting is that because the field is constantly evolving as different platforms are introduced. A Digital Marketing Manager is always discovering trends and analyzing how they impact ability to explore.  Acquiring experience in Digital Marketing includes every aspect of a brand’s presence online.


    Data Science

    After graduation, Data Science can be a good career option with endless opportunities for advancement in the future. In the current scenario, demand is high, salaries are competitive, and the perks are numerous –that is why Data Scientist has been called “the most promising career” by LinkedIn. Data Science is an ideal career alternative for aspirants with sound Mathematical and Statistical skills. As a Data Science professional, one will closely work with different departments to draw insightful conclusions from data extracted from various sources. To become a successful Data Scientist, one should go to opt an advanced course in Data Science and learn skills like data visualization, programming languages, high-level Mathematics and others.


    Financial Analysis

    Many established organizations have started embedding Finance Analytics professionals into their company’s structure. This has accelerated the demand for trained finance and analytical professionals across varying industries. If one has the desire to land on one of the highest-paying jobs in India, pursuing an advanced course in finance will be an ideal career move. These learning programs shape one’s cognizance of evaluating and analyzing a business situation regarding revenue and market share. Further, these courses will prepare the aspirants to deal with financial risks, bottlenecks, and issues arising in companies on a regular basis.

    Product Management

    Product Management has never been more important than it is now. The amount at which the products fail, emphasizes having a skilled and experienced Product Management team across different industries. A Product Management team ensures that the product is well-research and ergonomic. In addition, they interact with the audience and incorporate their requirement into the products, making them an instant hit among the users. There are ample career options for candidates with a graduation degree. With 20,000+ jobs available on LinkedIn alone, the Product Management domain is in high demand in India and abroad. Knowing that there aren’t many highly-skilled professionals available in the market, companies do not mind paying high salaries to Product Managers.


    Travel and Tourism

    The Travel and Tourism industry is known for immense career opportunities and the perks that it comes with. This industry is one of the fastest-growing industries rendering opportunities that one can explore and look forward to. This sector not only offers various employment opportunities but also has interesting future prospects that involve travelling, guiding trips, etc. and not to forget the well-paid job that comes with it. Students studying Travel and Tourism have opportunities available in both the sectors which automatically leads them to a path of a prosperous future. Travel and Tourism career equips the aspirant to work in a travel agency, a hotel, an airport, or any other hospitality-focused locale. Further, one can specialize in different types of tours, such as tours to museums, corporate houses and industries, historical places and theme or amusement parks.


    Other Good Options

    With growing job markets and technology advances, the number of career options after graduation are increasing rapidly. With large amount of career options and job positions available in the market at present, it is natural for the graduates to feel confused on what to pick and what not to. On carefully analyzing all the options, one can get a better idea about what exactly he/she feels and thinks about future, and what experiences can be acquired along the way.  Hence, one can also shortlist from the below given options and select the best suited option for fulfilling and achieving the defined professional targets.

    • Information Technology

    • Sales and Marketing

    • Cyber-security

    • Product and Design

    • Leadership and Management

    • Interior Decoration

    • Information Technology

    • Fashion Designing

    • Hotel Management

    • Project Management and Operations

    • Stock Broking



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