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    Exposure to the Industrial Sector

    An industrial visit was organized for the students of BBA/B.Com II/III at the SARAS Plant. The visit aimed to provide practical insights into the functioning of a manufacturing facility, allowing the students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. The event was coordinated by Dr Varsha Sharma and Mr. Manish Sharma, with Mr. Chandan from SARAS serving as the guide for the plant tour.

    Upon arriving at the SARAS Plant, the students were welcomed by the enthusiastic staff members who provided an overview of the plant's history, its contribution to the industry, and its mission and values. The visit included various segments:

    Mr. Chandan began the tour with a comprehensive introduction to SARAS, its products, and its role in the market. He highlighted the company's commitment to innovation, quality control, and sustainable practices.

    The students were taken through the various stages of the production process, starting from raw material procurement to final product assembly. They witnessed firsthand the intricacies of production planning, quality assurance, and supply chain management.

    Quality Control and Assurance:

    The quality control department showcased how stringent quality checks were performed at different stages of production. Students gained insights into the importance of maintaining quality standards to meet customer expectations.

    The students were impressed by the integration of technology and automation within the plant. They learned how these innovations improved efficiency, reduced human error, and enhanced overall productivity.

    Throughout the visit, students had the opportunity to interact with experienced professionals from various departments, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

    The visit also highlighted SARAS's commitment to environmental sustainability. The students were briefed on the company's efforts to reduce waste, conserve energy, and adopt eco-friendly practices.

    The industrial visit to the SARAS Plant proved to be an enriching experience for the students. They gained practical exposure to the complexities of manufacturing processes, quality control mechanisms, and the role of technology in modern industries. The visit also allowed them to understand the importance of aligning theoretical concepts with real-world practices.

    The industrial visit to the SARAS Plant was a resounding success, thanks to the meticulous coordination by Dr Varsha Sharma and Mr. Manish Sharma, as well as the insightful guidance provided by Mr. Chandan. The students left with a deeper appreciation for the practical aspects of their studies and a better understanding of how businesses operate in the real world. The experience undoubtedly contributed to their professional development and will aid them in their future careers.

    The students extend their sincere gratitude to Dr. Amita Vijay, Mr Sharma, and Mr. Chandan for making this industrial visit a memorable and valuable learning experience.

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