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  • Visit to the Jaipur Literature Fest 2024 Poddar Business School Jaipur

    Visit to the Jaipur Literature Fest 2024

    The visit to the Jaipur Literature Fest was organized by the Literary and Management Club of Poddar International College with the aim of providing students with an immersive literary and cultural experience. The event also aimed to enhance their understanding of literature, management, and the intersection of the two.


    A total of [Number of Participants] students from various courses, along with [Number of Faculty Members], actively participated in the visit. The diverse group included literature enthusiasts and management students keen on exploring the fusion of literature and business.


    Inaugural Session:

    The day started with the students attending the inaugural session, where renowned authors and literary figures shared their insights on the power of words and the influence of literature on society.

    Panel Discussions:

    Students had the opportunity to attend several thought-provoking panel discussions covering a wide range of topics such as literature and its impact on business, storytelling in management, and the role of literature in shaping cultural narratives.


    The festival featured workshops conducted by eminent writers and industry experts. Students actively participated in sessions that explored the creative and strategic aspects of storytelling in both literature and management.

    Book Fair:

    The visit also included a tour of the book fair where students could explore and purchase literary works from various genres. This served as a platform to discover new authors and engage in discussions with publishers.


    The students had the chance to network with both literary personalities and professionals from the management field. This interaction provided valuable insights into the practical application of literature in diverse career paths.

    Feedback and Reflections:

    Post-event, a feedback session was conducted, and students expressed their appreciation for the well-organized visit. Many highlighted the enriching experience of connecting literature with management principles.


    The success of this visit would not have been possible without the guidance and support of our Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Somya Nagar. Her commitment to bridging the gap between literature and management inspired both students and faculty members.


    The Literary and Management Club's visit to the Jaipur Literature Fest proved to be a rewarding experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for literature and its relevance in the world of management. The event successfully achieved its objectives, leaving participants with lasting memories and valuable insights.

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