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    Business Analytics: An upcoming Career

    Business Analytics in simple words refers to analyzing historical data to make calculative predictions for the future.

    Business Analytics is responsible for the continuous growth of a company and helps them achieve the company’s goals. A Business Analyst must have looked at Historical Data to predict the future. Business Analytics is set to grow by over 274.3 Billion Dollars by 2023.

    Qualifications & Skills required for a Business Analyst: Businesses are like machines; all elements need to work in sync for the Business to work smoothly and grow. Business Analytics is a problem-solving position in a company, finding out problems and looking for solutions. Hence, Improving the machine. Business Analysts always work in a group. Therefore, they must have excellent communication skills. They must have Complete knowledge of the Business and the Industry, understanding all aspects of the Business and how all the departments are linked together. Hence, this allows them to create solutions and predict any future problems in the Business.

    Career Opportunities in Business Analytics Business Analytics will continue to grow and will have ample opportunities in the coming future. A list of the 9 Best Career Opportunities in Business Analytics in the coming years includes profiles like Business Analyst, Product Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Marketing Analyst, Data Analyst, HR Analyst, Financial Analyst, and Data Scientist. Business Analysts analyze data to improve and fix problems faced by a Business. The Average Salary of a Business Analyst in 2022 is Rs. 613, 544 per year. Product Managers, in a nutshell, manage a Product and are responsible for the success of a Product. The Average Salary of a Product Manager in 2022 is Rs. 900, 000 per year. Supply Chain Analyst: The entire process of extracting water, purifying, packaging, and transporting is handled by Supply Chain. Supply Chain Analysts find ways to improve the efficiency of the Supply Chain, based on the immense amount of data calculated. The Average Salary of a Supply Chain Analyst in 2022 is Rs. 499, 158 per year.

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO): A CTO is responsible for analyzing data and keeping the Company and Products in line with the Latest growing and coming trends. The Average Salary of a Chief Technology Officer in 2022 is Rs. 3,010,555 per year.

    Data Scientists mine, clean, and present data which in turn helps a business take calculative decisions. Data Scientists play a key role in any business around us. The average Salary of a Data Scientist in 2022 is Rs. 862, 677 per year.

    Management qualification required for Business Analytics
    Normally to be a Business Analyst, one has to undergo Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Management with business analytics as specialization.

    In Rajasthan Business Analytics is available as specialization both in MBA as well as PGDM. Poddar Business School is one of the upcoming premier Management school covers AI, BI, Blockchain technologies, Big Data Analytics and its applications, Data warehousing & mining, data visualization for Managers under Business Analytics.

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