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  • National Cinema Day Poddar Business School Jaipur

    National Cinema Day

    Cinemingle was an exceptional event held at the Poddar International College Auditorium, spearheaded by the BBA III Faculty Coordinator, Charushi Jain. This event aimed to bridge the gap between the world of cinema and the realm of education, particularly focusing on entrepreneurship lessons students could derive from movies.

    The core of Cinemingle was a carefully curated movie screening that emphasized entrepreneurial values and lessons. Students were treated to a thought-provoking film that featured characters facing various challenges and hurdles on their entrepreneurial journey. The movie selection was designed to inspire and educate.

    The event fostered a sense of active engagement from the students. They were encouraged to share their perspectives on the movie and discuss the entrepreneurial lessons they took away from it. This interactive approach allowed for open dialogue and learning.

    Cinemingle provided a unique opportunity for students to connect and network with peers who shared their interest in entrepreneurship. It served as a platform for students to collaborate on potential entrepreneurial ventures and projects.

    Towards the end of the event, a feedback session was conducted to understand the students, takeaways and suggestions for future editions of Cinemingle. This allowed the organizers to continually improve the event based on the participant's experiences.

    Students gained valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship, learning from the experiences and challenges faced by characters in the movie.

    The event's interactive format encouraged students to actively participate, share their thoughts, and ask questions, fostering a culture of learning and inquiry.

    Cinemingle created a platform for students to connect with like-minded peers, potentially leading to future collaborations and business partnerships.

    The event organizers were receptive to feedback and aimed to refine future editions of Cinemingle based on the participants' input. Cinemingle, with its unique blend of cinema and education, proved to be an engaging and enriching experience for students. It demonstrated that movies can be more than just entertainment, they can serve as powerful tools for learning and personal growth, particularly in the realm of entrepreneurship. Charushi Jain and the BBA Faculty at Poddar International College deserve commendation for organizing such an innovative and educational event.

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