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  • Session by Master of Finance Poddar Business School Jaipur

    Session by Master of Finance

    Poddar Group of Institutions organized a seminar on the "Future of Finance" at Poddar Business School in Jagatpura on 29th September 2023. The event aimed to provide students and attendees with insights into the evolving landscape of finance and was conducted successfully.

    The event began with an opening ceremony where Dr. Anupum Jain, the event coordinator, welcomed all the participants and introduced the guest speaker, Kamal Chabbra.

     Kamal Chabbra, the Founder and CEO of KC Globed, delivered an engaging and informative session on the future of finance. He discussed various topics, including emerging trends, technological advancements, and the impact of globalization on the financial industry. The session was followed by a Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification. Attendees had the chance to network with each other and the speaker during the break.

    A panel discussion was organized, featuring experts from the finance industry, who shared their experiences and insights on the future of finance. Topics discussed included fintech innovations, sustainable finance, and career opportunities in the finance sector. Parallel workshops were conducted by industry professionals, providing hands-on experience and practical knowledge related to financial technologies, investment strategies, and risk management. The event concluded with a closing ceremony where Dr. Anupum Jain thanked the guest speaker, panellists, workshop facilitators, and participants for their active participation. Certificates of attendance were distributed to all attendees.

    The seminar on the "Future of Finance" organized by the Poddar Group of Institutions was a resounding success. The event provided valuable insights and networking opportunities for students and professionals interested in the finance industry. The knowledge and experiences shared by Kamal Chabbra and the panellists will undoubtedly benefit the attendees as they navigate the evolving landscape of finance.

    Participants expressed their satisfaction with the seminar, highlighting the informative sessions, engaging discussions, and the opportunity to interact with industry experts. Many attendees noted that they gained valuable insights that would help them in their academic and professional pursuits.

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